Unfortunately, there was miscommunication about the labor potions and the Korean Labor System for ArcheAge. In the past we've had 2 different statements being raised. The first one mentioned that there will be the Korean Labor System and Labor Potions being discontinued from the marketplaces but still be usable if you have them in your storage or inventory.
The other statement was that there will be no change to them.
Unfortunately, the second statement was done by mistake but the first one is the correct statement that was executed.
You can still use your Labor Potions when you have them in your inventory, or when you stored them in the warehouse and you want to use them now.
We're very sorry for the confusion and inconvenience it caused.

You also provided a list of topics you'd like to see clarified if they are known and what's the status of them:

What has been bugged to XL and waits for a fix?
  • Heedmar respawn bug - That is a priority fixed and being worked on by XL.
  • Heedmar port is bugged
  • Broken fusion alembics
  • Missing merchant's favor exchanger
  • Halloween decor not being placeable -> Some of the old decor cannot be placed right now.
  • Beanstalk mansion task jar bugged (invalid quest)
  • RD doesnt seem to be going towards the glider achievment

We need more information on these topics:
  • - Flame concussion arrow functionality and combo bugged
  • - Wyverns not working correctly

The wrapped crest brainstorm bug should be fixed. In case you still experience issues with it, let us know.

~The ArcheAge Team