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Thread: Thanks Gamigo, Keep it up.

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    Thanks Gamigo, Keep it up.

    Ok let me start by saying that this is my first post here in the forum. I know that game has had a lot of frustrations and I have felt those as well and at some points they have enraged me the same as other players have felt (such as the land rush mass disconnect, the Archeage pass exploits on Wynn East where I have my characters etc.).

    However, I wanted to come in here and encourage Gamigo for trying to make Archeage the game that we all want. I work in IT and I know that issues come up with new releases and even though they appear to be "easy fixes" to the players there is a lot more to it than that and players need to understand that and it takes time.

    So far I am pleased to see that Gamigo is actively trying to make this game a success unlike "XXXXX" (they who shall not be named). There will be more frustration and anger in the coming weeks as other issues are found and I like all of you other players will feel it too but I wanted to thank and encourage Gamigo for their efforts so far. I think that there efforts deserve a "positive" post.

    Keep up the good work and you will show us all that this is the Archeage that we have all been waiting for!!

    Thank you again.

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    This game was not ready for launch and the question for me is do I play catch up. You banned the guilty parties then you let them back in with all their advantages they exploited out of the game. What does that tell your customers that follow the rules? These players were told repeatedly in server nation chat that what they were doing was an exploit. You are being played....

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