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Thread: Mage frontlines gear/class

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    Mage frontlines gear/class

    Hello, I'm returning to the game on AAU and had a few class questions hoping to get some help here.

    1. Are skull knights revenants and night cloaks still good viable options in the current patch or has something new replaced them? If so what is it.

    2. For the classes mentioned above is cloth or plate the better choice? I know plate had its dmg reduced but I don't mind that as a frontline/ cc mage.

    3. General pro and cons of cloth vs plate.

    Thank you.

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    Skull knight still the best tank in the game for pvp. But zero damage so you would need to swap class to farm mobs etc. I would go plate armor and magic damage reduction for tank or leather is you wanted to play dps mage.

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