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Thread: The Legasy AA game is a superior business model.

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    The Legasy AA game is a superior business model.

    "Alt-Age in-chains" is no less of a Pay to Win, don't let anyone fool you. A game is a business needs to generate cash, this means it needs to "sell" something and the more the better. In the case of Unchained is Accounts, $25 a pop. I do not think they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and turn down any money. More accounts means more labor (5000 labor per) that translate into more gold.. if you know what your doing. Gold will find is way to the cash for gold black market, you got PTW.
    The Legacy business model is a brilliant idea, but it has a fatal flaw. APEX from the cash shop could generate endless money for the game with a small tweak. See; Johnny borrows grandma's credit card and buys 10 APEX, he decides 300 gold ea is a fair price and puts it up for auction. Instantly and before any regular players have a chance to buy any, Pedro the APEX broker snatches all for resale at a later time for a profit endlessly raising the APEX prices until no one wants to buy and many quit the game. Pedro then sells gold for cash without spending any of his money on the game.
    The easy fix would be to make APEX "Bind on resale", meaning Johnny buys for cash resell them but the next buyer can only use it himself. That would put Pedro out of business at least in the APEX department.
    The game owners would win with a lot more APEX sales.

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    Visit my topic for a similar suggestion but with a solution to remove the pay to win aspect of yours

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    All they need to do is realize the labor and gold generation methods in the game were tweaked to a point of player starvation to force apex, labor patron purchases etc... and be much more generous to players so they can actually PLAY... and then they could make a killing in cash shop items like costumes, dyes, helmets, hair styles, armor and weapon appearances, house appearances, new kinds of houses and utterly frivolous but fun stuff that people will swipe for.
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