Pretty sure this has been reported before so the point of this post is to confirm it is STILL BUGGED.

Summary and Text Bug Context:
- Some scenes are completely missing (screen is black, only text appears) up to Hiram Mountains Chapter 3 part 6 'Defeat the Giant Abomination'. See all WHM story quests here
- For Chapter 3 Part 6, the 'movie section' with no dialog is fine, up to the sepia part. Then, the animation plays but there is no voiceover (Lucius' mouth moves silently) and the text appears as [] [] [] [] [] that is, rectangles instead of text characters.
- Following the cutscene, the player's character is deposited in a sea, underneath the Hiram Cave.
Zone Name: Western Hiram Mountains - Hiram Cave / Mountain Gate

Additional comments:
I've done this on two accounts, a few weeks apart with the same results each time.

It is disappointing to find these glaring errors still in the game nearly a year after the 5.0 'Relics of Hiram' update launched, especially as a lot of new AA:U players are going through this part of their story quest now.