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Thread: Legacy General

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    Legacy General

    Hi guys,

    I am aware that you focus on Unchained and there are tons of challenges you encounter there. And that will take away most if not all of your bandwidth – considering that today the people on the Unchained servers make up the majority of your customer base. There has been a lot of media reviews and probably the success of Unchained is the best last chance to make Archeage survive. I understand and accept all this.
    However the player base on the original Archeage servers have been with you for years, spend – loads of them at least – quite a bit of money and they want to stay and continue to do so. And be aware that the Unchained model, if it - and I am not really sure about it – survives longterm does not represent ALL players. You also rely on your absolutely loyal player base on the original servers. So even when we understand where your focus is today and why that is so, do not completely ignore us.
    And today you do. Utterly and completely. It feels like you want to drive us off the servers. It feels like you want to find a reason to shut the original servers down. It might not be the truth, but it surely feels like it.
    Lets look at some issues.
    1. A month in, NA still does not get sieges. Obviously a bug. But the coding works on the EU servers. So there is no deep code issue. I am sure it is not a biggie to solve it. Still you don’t. And it - again – feels like you just don’t care. The last official statement on this issue was October 23rd! Since then, nothing. No communication. Nothing changes. Moreover, you usually do – on NA – maintenance during the siege setup time. Who came up with that? You have to do that on a different day.

    2. We kind of expected that you take away labor pots – as the new rechargers are there. And the Unchained model which is supposed to be 100% non p2w, demands that. But then you also cancelled the stipends now. Also, that is right for Unchained. But not for the original servers. What is your intention here? Make people create MORE alts to make up for the loss of the stipends? That’s the only thing people can do now. Make sure people that got attracted by Unchained but decided to play legacy now as progressing is much faster (and yes there ARE those players) are slowed down? So they cannot catch up as easily as before? So they leave again to your precious Unchained? There is no real logic in taking away stipends besides intentionally pissing off the remaining customer base. You give up income to make your customers unhappy. That is pretty unusual ! It is also true for tradable labor pots, but the stipends are extreme. The TRUE Korean labor system is to give an incentive to have less alts and play the accounts you do have more. What you did here does the opposite! Unless there is a hard limit on alts, it does not work. And potentially new players get the message, they HAVE to create an alt army to ever catch up at least partially. And you cannot introduce a limit to alts NOW as they are already there and paid for.

    3. I am aware that since the server move, there are technical issues that prevent you from reintroducing server transfers. However, you see today legacy servers with hardly any housing possibilities left, and fresh starts servers (that are actually progressed well enough to be called legacy as well) that are barren and empty. At least NUI is dead. So either there is an evolution real soon and you merge the fresh starts into the legacy servers OR – much better – you open transfers so people from the others servers that would like to have a lot of space for housing can come over. You have to put some resources in resolving this matter. Its important for fresh start and the legacy servers alike.

    4. Communication is key to any kind of business relationship. You know that, I am sure. Still I have never seen any company that uncapable of communication. I am sorry to say that this hard. And the little bit you do you spread over various social media. Sometimes something on twitter, sometimes something in the forum. Maybe a little remark on discord. And the announcement regarding the stipends was just on the website. You seriously expect players to scan 4-6 different media every day in the rare case you actually give information? Concentrate on ONE! And then DO communicate. Why did you hire community managers? What are they doing? At least with regard to us – meaning the original servers – they do not exist.
    So I can only suggest to you to at least route some bandwidth to legacy and :

    1. Find a quick solution to the lack of castles on NA. At the very least put a territory workbench in DS or make it so, the request board can be used for all the new recipies. People were grinding for months already to get the mats. And they are utterly screwed. The request board would possibly a mini coding thing. You can use it for the stuff to be done at the Aegis workbench too, just do it the same way. Easy, main issue resolved. And then let us have sieges when you are ready.
    2. Reintroduce stipends. Taking them out is ridiculous.
    3. Put some resources into making server transfers possible. Come on, that must be possible.
    4. C O M M U N I C A T E!

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    Legacy players issues thread

    Good post. I have played on legacy AA servers continuously since beta (enduring two 'evolutions' in the process) and completely agree with everything you said.

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    By now I truely believe, no one gives a s*** about the legacy servers anymore.
    They do not dare saying it, but sadly it seems true.

    Serious issues, but not even updates. Not even a „we are aware but have no clue how to fix it“.

    Last weeks stream was amazing. „Oh, dear legacy players we did not forget you“.. and then talking for a few minutes about a bug that a killed player in Heedmar respawns where he was killed.
    Who cares? Do not go there then. This is not a show stopper.

    Castles not claimable on NA servers is. They apparently looked into it the week of the patch. A month ago. And then just gave up.

    So that is what I am doing now. Giving up.

    Maybe that was gamigos plan after all. Get rid of legacy.


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    amazing post, you said what we all think.

    and yeah, gamigo, i would really need transfers but on the other side if you really give or gave up on legacy, then you will lose me and a LOT of other players, if not all legacy people. cause for example i wont go to unchained. never. this is our favorite game since it came out and you just wanna kill it cause of greed.

    think about how you treat us.

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    Is it worth waiting for an answer?
    ...or the localizer doesn't care about us (legacy servers)?


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