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Thread: Unchained Costume Guide by Doom.

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    Unchained Costume Guide by Doom.

    GUIDE IS WORK IN PROGRESS (give feedback for parts to change)

    Greetings, Unchained players! Legendary costume crafting guide is making its return!

    I will copy crucial parts of the old guide and edit parts that are changed for unchained.
    Some sections will be marked as unverified until I finish my own costumes and personally have information tested.
    Additionally, I will be adding handy tool done by Raffin, that makes it easier to do the stat selection. (TLR choose stats what you want and reroll them as soon as they unlock)

    Basic understanding:
    There are costumes and undergarments, that are split into 4 subtypes:
    Healing, Magic, Melee, Ranged. Depending on stats that you want to acquire you will have to choose a specific type of a costume.

    Undergarments have attack/healing stat that follows the name of a costume (ranged undergarments get ranged attack only).
    Costumes have crit stats that are equal to name of costume, however they can get all 4 healing/attack stats, but at different grades and different chance of success (ranged costume has ranged attack from arcane and higher, rest of the attack stats come on legendary)

    Costumes come in grades grand - eternal.
    Different stats come at different grades. (“type” = name of costume)
    Costumes and undergarments unlock additional stats at following grades:
    • 1st stat - Grand
    • 2nd stat - Arcane
    • 3rd stat - Heroic
    • 4th stat - Unique
    • 5th stat - Legendary
    Upon upgrading a tier of a costume, you gain 1 additional reroll, similar to hiram gear. Stacks up to 5 rerolls.
    IMPORTANT. There is a priority in stat rerolls, stats lower on the list have several times higher priority than ones at the top. Make sure you check rerolling part of the guide.

    TL : DR Craft costume, figure what stats you want, put them on spreadsheet (copy document first, to be able to edit it), roll a stat whenever it unlocks, exactly on that tier, push it to maximum. Use second spreadsheet to calculate what you need.

    Costumes stats and order in which they unlock.
    • Grand: Physical defense / Max health / Magic defense / Move speed / Stealth detection / PvE “type” skills / backstab “type” damage / Received dmg
    • Arcane: “type” attack / PvE damage reduction / Received healing / focus
    • (please note that some stats on the list are actually non-existent, such as backstab for other types of costumes, I believe that is game translation error)
    • Heroic: Cast time
    • Unique: Evasion / Toughness / Melee parry rate / Shield block rate / Resilience
    • Celestial: Defense penetration / Magic defense penetration
    • Divine: Received magic damage / Received melee damage / Received ranged damage / Critical “type” damage
    • Epic: Skill dmg x4
    • Legendary: Critical “type” rate / Other types of basic dmg (for ranged costume, healing power/ melee attack / magic attack)
    (values will be re-verified)

    Costume stats @ eternal 100%

    Max health - 1550
    Defense - 1210
    Move speed - 5%
    Stealth detection - 28%
    PvE Skills - 7.4%
    Backstab dmg - 8.2%
    Received dmg (universal) - 3.8%
    PvE Damage Reduction - 5.1%
    (there are some "fake stats", don't mix with "fake news", such as pve dmg for other types / backstabs in list)
    Attack - 47.5
    Received Healing 11%
    Focus - 960
    Toughness - 295
    Melee parry rate - 3.5%
    Shield block rate - 2.8%
    Resilience - 910%
    Evasion - 3.5%
    Cast Time - 4.6% (fake stat in stat order, comes @ heroic with received healing)
    Defense Penetration 755
    Received Magic Damage - 3.1%
    Received Melee Damage - 3.1%
    Received Ranged Damage - 3.1%
    Critical damage - 11.8%
    Skill dmg X4 - 3.6%
    Other attack stats - 47.5 (not on name of costume)
    Crit rate - 5.4%

    Undergarments stats:
    • Grand: Physical defense / Magic defense / “Type” attack / Max health / “Type” backstab (healing = magic)
    • Arcane: Resilience / Focus / Toughness / Magic defense penetration / Defense penetration
    • Unique: Received magic damage / Received melee damage / Received Ranged damage / Shield defense penetration rate
    • Divine: Skill dmg x4
    • Legendary: Crit rate x4

    Undergarment stats @ eternal 100%

    Physical defense - 723
    Max Health - 930
    Backstab Damage - 7.9%
    Attack - 21.8
    Resilience - 824
    Focus - 660
    Toughness 373
    Magic defense penetration - 522
    Defense penetration - 522
    Received Magic Damage - 6.7%
    Received Melee Damage - 6.7%
    Received Ranged Damage - 6.7%
    Shield defense penetration rate 12% (this stat only works with 2h!)
    Skill dmg x4 different - 3.8%
    Crit rate x4 different - 4.8%

    Info: Remember that basic attack / defense / health values on undergarments are much lower than on costume!
    % stats like skill dmg / crit rate have much better scaling in comparison, same for recieved dmg (but you can't get universal)

    Enchants & Gems for costumes and undergarments

    There are new lunafrosts for your costume, available in honor shop for 50k honor.

    Upgrading undergarments does NOT remove socketed gems, so you can socket them as you like, they only fit the Defense pen / Attack speed / Cast time gems.

    Acquiring basic costumes and undergarments

    Currently they are available on gilda merchant, 300gilda star for a costume design, 500 for undergarments. You will need additional materials for the craft. Craft is done on regal cloth bench.

    Old spreadsheet, will be replaced once, I am done / clean it. Use this one just to see raw gold and number of stones required. Costumes are no longer tradable so a lot of old information is outdated. (will be edited later!)

    Two things I want to say, if you wanna continue updating it, feel free to post better version over here.
    Second, I am not sure who was original author of a calculator for synthium, with drop down menus etc (top left part), but I liked it and kept it in my calculations, though its not necessary.

    Addiotionally now you can do all calculations in bottom left corner aswell. Show profit per labor and other things. Obviously spreadsheet covers all except for rerolls for the costumes.

    Edit prices in D18-34 to see prices for individual stones.
    B38-40 for AH prices.
    C row will show you profits compared to craft costs according to D cost mats, D will show profit per labor.
    Also you can calculate entire cost of legendary costume by editing prices at K20-K23. R17 will show you final price, or add materials that you have and check for price with materials (it subtracts the AH cost of materials you have out of calculation cost).

    Note: if you edit experience/grade of costume, whole thing will break, I didn't have time, nor will I fix it so use it wisely

    Hope that helps!

    In order to craft your own I will split the crafting in 3 stages: Preparation, Crafting, Rerolling. Please note that some of the stages might be mixed/repeated.

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    Most crucial part of the crafting, you need to know exact 5 stats that you want to have on your costume or undergarments. I will always follow 2 paths on my examples.

    Example C1:
    Ranged costume with 5 offensive stats.
    Those would be - Ranged attack / Defense penetration / Ranged Critical damage / Ranged skill dmg / Ranged critical rate

    Example U1:
    Magic undergarments full offense, 4 offense, 1 tank stat.
    Magic attack / Magic defense penetration / Resilience / Magic skill dmg / Magic crit rate

    Once you know stats that you want, you would need to get a cheap starting costume, that could be an arcane heroic costume or undergarments with needed stats from auction house for material cost and up to +1k gold (that is my personal amount that I pay)
    or just basic undergarments.

    Next step - obtain the materials at average auction house cost, personally I recommend buying clear synthium shards, combining those into stones and upgrading it up.

    Misagons / Archeum essence farm / buy on auction house.
    Please note that you need large quantities and you do not want to buy it all at once.
    For a legendary costume you would need:
    1800 clear shards or 180 clear stones (or higher grade);
    212 misagons;
    x archeum essence (update later);
    3096 gold craft cost for stones, using own house.
    Materials if you use clear shards only.

    Completely reworking this part of the guide.

    Costumes are no longer tradable and quite expensive to make, so what I suggest is stacking up on the materials slowly and do slow shopping, don’t expect to make entire thing in one go, even on large servers, you will just crash certain material economy for a while.

    Since you can store the rerolls on upgrade, this part is only for crafting the costume itself.


    I place a separate part about it, to explain mechanics behind the costume reroll system.
    As stated above, different stats appear at different grades, the lower the stat in the list, the higher priority of a stat. Meaning @ legendary you are more likely to hit random attack stat + critical rate than any other stat on the list.

    That is why you get needed stats when they have higher priority, please note that it is not 10% higher chance, that is several times more likely chance to roll those stats.
    You would not be able to reliably reroll Pdef at legendary unless you are just crazy lucky with RNG, in most cases you are better off starting new costume and getting old one salvaged. (if you need one of the first stats @ really high grade)

    Ways to obtain rerolls are (cheapest to most expensive):
    30k honor points;
    100 diligence coins (10x serendipity shards at 10 coins each.
    Rank 5 guild “rng box” for prestige had a chance to give serendipity stone.

    All methods have pros and cons, I only consider honor to be a reliable source of rerolls.

    (This part needs to be verified!)
    Use brilliant mornstone to extract synthium shards out of your costume, you get 40-75% depending on costume grade. Item available at general vendor. If you use evenstone, you would get 1-3 starlight essences instead.
    Arcane: 60 clear / 60 vivid
    Heroic: 60 clear / 160 vivid
    Unique: 60 clear / 200 vivid / 140 lucid
    Celestial: 60 Clear / 230 Vivid / 310 Lucid
    Divine: 60 Clear / 230 Vivid / 530 Lucid
    Legendary: 60 / 230 / 770 / 260(?) Not sure about amount
    Mythic salvage: 60 clear / 230 vivid / 770 lucid / 560 radiant
    Eternal salvage: 60 clear / 230 vivid 770 lucid / 920 radiant
    edit: those are numbers that I remember and was sure about, only grade matters at salvage. Extra % on top doesn't. So if you are certain limit, its more beneficial to push it to next stage. (i.e. heroic with 8 stones in, you would better to push to unique, since you get 14 lucid stones back anyway and might get better rolls)
    edit2: those materials are not bound, some people asked me about that

    (this part for more mature economy)
    You need to calculate how much certain grades of costumes are worth @ current marketplace prices, you can buy decent stat costumes (with correct stats @ correct grades) for under material costs

    You can claim multiple marketplace limited synthium packages. They are 1 per character, on top of it you can actually delete a char, create new one (lvl1) and it will still be available.

    Average costumes:
    Full tank
    Push costumes to unique, any that gets 2-4 stats, start rolling until you get 4/5 stats, please note that you need to leave "highest rank" stat for last.
    Push it to legendary, roll 5th stat. (for example Pdef / Hp / Received dmg / Received healing / Resilience, you leave resilience for last, since its latest unlocked stat, therefore higher chance to roll @ legendary).

    5 offense (in examples)

    1 defense + 4 offense
    Roll defense stat @ rare
    Push it heroic, get offense stat (healing power or attack stat)
    After it continue like in examples.

    2 defense + 3 offense
    Same as above, but roll second defense stat @ heroic (if its resilience @ unique)

    Average undergarments:
    Full tank
    Roll defense stats before unique (non received dmg)
    Roll all wanted received dmg stats except 1 @ celestial
    Push it legendary and roll last received dmg (15-20 serendipity on average)

    5 offense (if possible)
    for melee get backstab first (unless you want melee attack + backstab) / for rest get attack stat first
    push it heroic, get focus/defpen/magic def pen/backstab magic dmg (desired offense stats)
    Push epic get skill dmg
    Push legendary - get crit rate

    1 defense + 4 offense
    Get offense stat, push arcane, get second stat that you want (if that is not resilience/received dmg for tank stat, if it is get to stage of that stat and reroll it)
    After it same as above

    Something like that, pretty easy to remember

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    Reserved in case of future updates / changes.

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    i have a question

    today i build my Wrapped Gold Cat Undergarments.
    after unpack Melee Gold Cat Undergarments i have timer on it (Available for 1 mo)
    What does it mean? Did i spent 5k Gold on Mats for only 1 Month Undergarments? O_O


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    Quote Originally Posted by Leolilu View Post

    i have a question

    today i build my Wrapped Gold Cat Undergarments.
    after unpack Melee Gold Cat Undergarments i have timer on it (Available for 1 mo)
    What does it mean? Did i spent 5k Gold on Mats for only 1 Month Undergarments? O_O

    Attachment 22097
    It simply expires. That means you still have the costume but you need to use a synthium soap on it to reactivate it. Those are pretty cheap on Unchained because they are tradable and you can get them for diligence coins.
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    Thank you for the fast response =)

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    Nice one

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    Not sure if there was a change or it's different for that kind of costume:

    I had "received healing" on my healing costume at grand (while the guide says that this stat is unlocked at arcane).
    A child of song, a child of rage
    Abandoned in another age
    Now ancient hate and rhymes that bind
    Make paradise a tomb divine
    And demons trapped in beauty’s thrall
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    HI, the undergarden when opening it, how can I close it again to trade with it?

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