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    Larders disappeared again during maintenance

    50 larders disappeared during the maintenance today. Yesterday was no maintenance so i make 50 new.
    When will this bug fixed?

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    I lost 60% of my larders, not all created or placed at the same time, with no apparent pattern to which ones are left.

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    I lost 21 Larders WTF with this game

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    This has been going on on legacy EU servers since at least March. I lost some on NA before that too, not sure if that is still a thing tho as I gave up doing them. See thread herejust as an example.

    Gamigo, how about an update on this?

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    Nobody is listening. Its been happening for months and never addressed.

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    The issue regarding the disappearing larders was forwarded to XL who are working on a fix for it.
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an ETA of when the fix is being done, but we'll for sure let you know here, Social Media and on Discord.

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    We are waiting for months and months on legacy and now this problem will hurt all the players starting the new Unchained which is really bad for a new game, i can understand that you must wait a fix from XL but is there nothing you can do to help us?
    The pack rates are so bad because people dont make larders because of the problem hapening with maintenance
    We can drive larders only 3-4 days per week if we must make sure to not have larders placed on land 3 days before maintenance.
    So we place larders at maintenance day, we must wait 3 days, then we have 3 days to deliver them and then we cant place new larders 3 days before maintenance.
    It's breaking game totally, cant you reset manually the pack rates like every 2 days or something to help this broken system ?

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    No ETA on this D":

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