[EU][Belstrom]Hawks Of Haranya [East]
Casual PvX (Player vs everything)
(55+ as space is >Very< limited)
Uk leader & Euro mixed

• New players to AA are totally welcome, We are not looking at just experience, More precisely the right mentality to play with the guild its current members and keep it a friendly & alive atmosphere. However if you have true love for PvP that will help greatly.

• 7days inactive kick (Long leave allowed, But not more than an month. Absence channel can be found in discord for those inevitable times where life comes first.

• Team player & High activity! We want you to join the action not sit on a sideline, We encourage chatting and getting involed in discord. We also offer monthly & weekly competitions for gold/items to incentivise talking to each other in guild.

• Main / Best character. The game only allos one character per guild, Plus the limit is 50 players.

• PvX oriented (55% pvp, 45% pve) If you need help with classes or training that can be arranged, It is on you to seek it!

• English speaking and open to all who can communicate we hold no judgement on where you are from.

• Long term players, We are looking for dedicated active players to get to know have a laugh with and most importantly, Enjoy the game!
Drop a message to --@Logaki or @Rondark To join and really spread your wings for the glory of the east!