I was hopeful that the powers that be would have at least responded to the players with an answer as to when PTS Legacy would re-open. Even to say no its not soon..or no eta...or yes we will open it for one day and allow players time to get those items they have worked for secured.

BUT ALAS...…..no...no they have not responded.

As the days grow on and on I see all the problems with the way this company communicates. I see the problems on legacy that are still going.....Problems on AAU still going..... no communication on the forums to valid questions still going.

I really wanted to give you a chance Gamigo….but I have to say...You have really in so many ways disappointed me.
I think I am more disappointed with people like Tinen….People like Mobi.. OUR (PTS is a part of OUR) community managers.

Community manager has the responsibility to Communicate. Pretty simple in design really...not sure why its so hard to follow in practice.

To my fellow PTS community...I want you to know that I have tried. I tried here on the forums..I tried on Twitter and I tried on Discord to get us some answers. I'm sorry I failed you all but in my heart I know I did the best I could.

My heart to your hearts...

Mak _ PTS