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Thread: Regarding Battle Pets

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    Regarding Battle Pets

    Which are deemed to be the best PvP battle pets? Are the Arena Shop good tier or are the manastorm crystal ones better?

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    Varies based on type. Melee....just like in the normal match ups, are more powerful than anything else in pvp and pve. The only battle pet that beats melee pets in pve is the abyssal archer pet that was exclusive to 3.0.....but good luck getting one of those.

    Of the melee pets that are decent, I'd rank monkey #1 Naranyan Squire.
    Followed by #2 wolf pet
    #3 would be the Captured Harrod world boss.
    #4 Cats
    #5 Dwarf robot pets
    #6 would be any of the powerstone mages that deal damage.
    #7 everything else.....

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