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Thread: Suggestion: New Server = Less Exploit

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    Suggestion: New Server = Less Exploit

    Any one who has the same suggestion?
    I mean early servers has many exploits. Thousand of golds/Labor/Archepass/ Dual or triple claim of deligence

    If New server would launch that would be great.IMO
    Freshly made with no exploits.

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    I'd wait few months to see if no new exploits are found since if they make one now and then have a huge exploit that everyone seems to take advantage of it would make the new server pointless. I'd wait few months to make sure servers are properly fixed, if I were the devs.
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    The suggestion has come up several times with tons of support. There are a few against it though and they're quite loud. Those players that have twice the gear score of everyone else don't want to loose their cannon fodder. They can easily take what they want from the rest of the player base without contest because they had the thousands of gold necessary to upgrade their gear. A new server would threaten this because they wouldn't have that advantage fueled, free-farm status.

    I've been through multiple fresh start servers. The fact that someone is now over 8k gear score inside the first month is shocking(8188 as of writing this). It's also proof that the archepass issue was far from the minor advantage that Gamigo tried to make us believe.

    Sure, I'm sure there are a few players that are on the leaderboard without that advantage. Just look at who has those top spots though. 95% are from Wynn and Tyrenos. That server difference isn't showing the few days head start that Wynn/Tyrenos had. It's showing the impact that the 850g per day archpass issue had.

    It's not just about the gold though. It's needed for the population as well. There is still a queue for a good portion of the day and the servers are so cranked up, the server lag spikes are getting frustrating. In game events are also so packed, you need to wait for off-hours events just to complete the associated quests.

    So yes. Please open up a new server. It will make the game better in so many ways.
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    I don't have twice the gear score and I'm against it. If we keep splitting the population then this game will die faster than it needs to. Jergant is a server that was put up AFTER all the BS and the gear scores are in line. I didn't get access to any exploit and I'm at 5100 gear score and in the top 50 on the server. There is no need to make ANOTHER server. If you want just move to Jergant. Putting up yet another server is useless. There will ALWAYS be some exploit, dupe, BS, etc... ArcheAge is historically had issues with this since it launched. 6 months from now there will be something else that happens, you just need to deal with it. But if we put up yet another server then there will be server mergers faster than is needed and all that BS that comes with it like a fresh land rush and just stupid things that makes people quit later down the road.

    Face the fact that you will probably not be in the top gear score, you will know of exploits and not take advantage of it and that no matter how hard you try, this game does NOT support an even playing field.

    This request has happened over and over on almost every fresh start launch. This is why there is a very vocal resistance to this. Those of us that have lived through it know that adding servers is NOT the answer. Especially now. That server would be DEAD. I know you think you are a large group that wants a new server but anything that gets put up now, without taking one down, would never go above the online status and probably never hit even "High" on the status screen.
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