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Thread: Unchained

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    I dont understand why you developers did not put forth the effort in changing this game model from pay to win to buy to play!! The entire economy is still based off of pay to win ,but without the pay to win lol,like bag space that should be earned through playing now or crafting ,stuff like that

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    Well, non-p2w is a new territory for both Gamigo and XL. That's not an excuse, obviously, but non-p2w games require entirely different thinking that p2w ones, that's why many formerly b2p or subscription-based MMOs fail shortly after going f2p. I'm sure they'll get there eventually, but we need to give them time to do so, in the meantime highlighting issues that they need to work on such as allowing for alt armies with the allowance of 3 accounts per player, 100 slot chest on the credit market place, and yes, bag/warehouse space.
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