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Thread: Will there every be support for Archeage Unchained?

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    Will there every be support for Archeage Unchained?

    Your support ticket method is not working as it's been over a week for me with an open ticket and know a family member that has waited over 2 weeks without a response.
    I can't buy one of the Archeage Unchained packs as it errors but know the card is good and also called the bank.
    The issue is on your side and support tickets just go unanswered.

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    There's no support on this fucking game lmao, most of us have support tickets that are 1 month old

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    It seems none of us can get support at all.
    Unless support happens soon there will just be dead servers left as many of us will leave.

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    I have a ticket in since 28 October without a response. It is about the bugged Brain Crest Item I (and many others) have paid credits, so real life money for, and doesn't work. They fixed it for new items but not for the ones we already had bought. I am very home sick for the early days of Trion and Rift when a GM would come to you in game when you had an issue and solve it.
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    Agree, it seems support is a thing of the past and will kill the long-term success.. Very sad as I love the game.

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