Ok so, i buyed the game, i dont remenber the day but the first week or the first 1-2 days, first, i could not buy it because of the usual error of "your account dont have the same country as the paypal account blablabla", ok, i send a ticket, and the next day or 2 days after, they answered, and all fine, i buyed the game and created the first and unique character i have, i did not deleted any character nor changed server.

I have the 500 credits, but the scroll never arrived to the email of the first and unique character i created, so i send a ticket almost 1 month ago, October 18, and i wrote again in the same ticket on October 22, and again on October 28, the ticket is still OPEN, there's no answer from gamigo, after almost a month im still waiting for the scroll, OR ATLEAST AN ANSWER.