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Thread: Primeval 2h or dw?

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    Primeval 2h or dw?

    Sorry if this was discussed I couldn't find the thread. I am currently sitting with a arcane hiram guardian longspear. Is DW superior for the simple fact of attack speed over the 5% skill damage increase from 2h? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    2h gets way more dps i think maybe 1.2x more dps and the 5% skill dmg 2h buff
    also people ussually get a nodachi or a greataxe.. longspear is terrible :C

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    It's entirely up to you. I am personally going 2H on Live AA:U on Wynn. Check me out on the Wynn gladiator leaderboards (#60 or something) 5048ish gs. Same name (Pew). I dont tihnk you'll need to heavily invest in shield pen/rate like I'm doing, but 2h has been awesome so far, and I dont regret it for a second.
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