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Thread: Look at this beautiful morning :D

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    Look at this beautiful morning :D

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    That is very beautiful, that is the one thing I do love in games like ArcheAge, there are plenty of chances to take beautiful screenshots in the game. Nice screenshot!
    "Ah were can I begin this tale? The 5 old empires..those of the Forsaken now slumbers in the dark of Calmlands, Valliant Knights of Vanguard wanders upon the winds to new lands after the siege in Marcala...the Warriors of Chaos lays slumbering in Heedmar after the black inky Abyss, The Crest of many who once ruled Nuimari, to those who roam with the Yata's Kingdoms in Sungold, all may be not what they used to be, but those fragments of knights still shape Auroria today." -Lucious

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