Sofetios's Restaurant and Music Shop

(All profits go to getting a bigger restaurant)

(The music shop section is below the restaurant section)

(contact info at the bottom)

(This is Roleplay in-game, though the music are real items)


Sofetios's Restaurant and Music Shop is located right outside the east gate of Marianople. When you leave the east gate of the city, take your first left and it will be the first house on the left. Look for the flag!

The Restaurant

RP stands for Roleplay.

Looking for a break from questing, fighting, and moneymaking? Come have a pint at Sofetios's Restaurant and Music Shop! Bards are welcome to play whenever they want. ( Also, the RP food and drink are free. If you feel like paying, that is fine too and thank you. I'm currently saving for a bigger restaurant.)

Don't know how to Roleplay? Feel free to ask Sofetios.

I'll be running a RP restaurant and music shop at random times. Though I will sometimes have set dates for special events like concerts or contests. The timing most of the time will be random because my job IRL is scheduled very randomly.


In-Character means acting as if you are your character.

No Meta-Gaming : Meta-Gaming is when you use knowledge outside of what your character knows while In-Character. (Ex. knowing a characters name by their nameplate and calling that name to the character In-Character.)

No Power-Gaming : Power-Gaming is when you do an action and don't give the other player(s) any chance to respond. (Ex. I shoot an arrow at player 1 and it hits him in the arm.)

No God-Modding : God-Modding is when you make your character extra powerful or too good. (Ex. My character dodges both arrows shot at him while throwing two daggers at the attackers heads.) make your character fair. Every Character should have flaws and good attributes too.

Make your character fair : We ask that you make your character fair. No overpowered characters, no characters without any flaws, etc.

More rules may come.

The Music Shop

Come on in the music shop for some quality Amateur level music! We sell songs, songs I made, custom songs, and instruments! Feel free to stop by (or contact me) if you would like to buy any.

I am currently Amateur Artistry level. So all songs are Amateur level for now.


Songs I just get from online - 2G

Songs I personally transcribed - 4G

Songs I wrote myself - 10G

Custom songs ( includes transcription, note editing, fine tuning of MML, etc. I go very in depth ) 30G

Songs I transcribed

Ar Hyd Y Nols
Ballad of the Windfish
Benny Hill Theme
Chocobo theme
Crossing field from Sword Art Online
Danger Zone
Din's Dance from Zelda Oracle of Seasons
Final Fantasy battle win fanfare
Final Fantasy 8 - Find your way
Finger Breaker Intro
Green Greens from Kirby
Hava Nagila
Newbie Melody from Runescape
Nyan Cat
Ode to Joy
Rock Lobster
Speed Racer
Still Alive from Portal
Unlasting Parts 1 2 and 3 from Sword Art Online Alicization
Wonka's Welcome from the movie

Songs I wrote myself

Symphony of Hope
The Mad Toymaker


Flute - 25G

Lute - 90G

Sovereign's Piano - 95G

(Once again all profits go towards getting a bigger restaurant)

Contact info

In-Game Name - Sofetios

Server - Wynn

Discord - Sofetios#0374

The Discord Server -

Feel free to contact me in-game, by in-game mail, or by Discord! Questions are also welcome!

That's all! Thanks for visiting!