Appeal to trionworlds administration!

I have a LITTLE question for you, where the hell is the Public Test Server? You closed it more than a month ago, and still you have not even thought about opening it, or at least telling the players why it is closed, and whether it will be open ?! if yes, then indicate at least an approximate date. And if you closed the Public Test Server forever, then say so that people do not suffer in anticipation! What is so hard to write a few lines? Of course, I know that even if you read this text, you still will not answer. For it is not the king's business to answer the common people!

I have been waiting a long time. He wrote off the closure of the Public Test Server for the technical work that you are doing there in order to save us from errors on this server. But time passed. And patience was drawing to a close. And at the moment it has completely exhausted itself. Itís a pity that you deal with players who have paid you for many years just to play on the Public Test Server. But, for you, it seems quite normal to do this. Wish you luck! (SARCASM)