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Thread: Farming New Hiram weapons

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    Farming New Hiram weapons

    **Reposted because I put it in the wrong section earlier**
    I am trying to acquire a couple new weapons so that I can have one with magic attack and one with healing power in addition to my melee weapon. I Made the mistake of using the ones you get from the Hiram quest to add experience to my main weapon. I have been trying to farm some new ones in Diamond Shores during wartime, but so far I have not had any luck. Is there somewhere where the mobs don't have as much CC and ranged attacks? I can AOE a group of regular mobs as long as they don't use ranged attacks or a lot of CC. Or is there another way to acquire a new weapons for a suitable alternative?

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    After lv50+, you can loot or done Achievements to get hiram gear.
    1)Loot (random hiram gears): [Abyssal Legion] army in diamond shoes, calmland, nuimari, Marcala, Heedmar

    2)Achievements: (Achievement> General>Adventure>Quest>>>Masterful Voluntary Hiram Guardian)
    (will get select-able hiram gears at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th done the quest)
    ...sure---diamond shoes 50kill
    ...not sure--sungold 50kills, exeloch 50kills, ehm, whm
    people always done together in some event like cr, gr, bunker

    if you are lv50-55 and you find hard to fight there, try fight with lv50+ pet, now the pet and new pet gear much powerful in pve
    My English not good, so sorry if you feel bad for my words

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    i seem to get a few drops in DS everyday when doing my 50 kill quest. I'd recommend joining a guild and farming with them.

    when i was solo i would use marcala near the housing zones and i would kill them, around the nui. make sure to use a loot stone pet if you have one, if not loot quick because i died a lot to players there lol.

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    As much as it sucks to have to farm in wartime when you are under-geared, keep in mind that drop rates are higher during war times, so if you have a fairly safe spot, or a group/guild you can farm with, farming for gear during war will give you a better shot of getting what you need, plus more gold and purses to open to get the money you need to synthesize it.

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