I've been having a very difficult time getting in touch with customer support, I've put in tickets, and tried reaching out to the community employees on discord, and emailed support but without luck.

First, my main account, I placed a ticket nearly a month ago describing my issue with the quest called "A Guild Reward" where I'm to craft and deliver Hota's Strong Wheel. Prior to completing the quest, I abandoned it by mistake, which deleted the item Yashang's Rough Polish, and in doing so, preventing me from ever completing it without GM help. There is no way for me to reobtain Yashang's Rough Polish, craft the wheel, and continue my quest chain. I have been stuck like this since October 28th.

Also, after my frustration that I couldn't get support, I ended up making another account to try and get the quest done and help my guildies with trading. In doing so, I have got my second account ALSO stuck in the blue salt quest chain, although just slightly farther. I am stuck at the quest called "Try Out Your New Ride" where I am to summon the cart I crafted and make a delivery. While in the carpentry workbench after making my cart, I noticed the option to craft the Farm Cart Chroma, which I clicked and crafted. I didn't realize the name being different would make it impossible to complete the quest. I found a forum post here with a moderator advising to place a ticket and have support handle the issue. (which I did, no response)

Seems like my options are limited, but anyone have suggestions? Rip me