Hello everyone,
We’re bringing ArcheAge: Unchained EU and NA servers offline for weekly scheduled server maintenance and patch on November 20, 2019.

Downtime is expected to be about 3 hours for NA servers, and 3 hours for EU. There will be a ~137mb patch with this maintenance.

The times are as follows:
EU: 9:00 UTC on 11/20/2019 (Wednesday)
NA: 8AM PST on 11/20/2019 (Wednesday)

Changes this Patch:
  • Implemented a potential fix for the issue preventing players from claiming territories on the North American regions.
  • The Salon Event that used a Blue Salt Hammer for appearance changes has ended - players will once again need to use a salon certificate to change appearance in the Salon.
  • The Diligence Coin Compensation will be available for claimable 1x per account this maintenance cycle.
  • A bug causing people respawning in Heedmar to revive in the same spot has been fixed.

Thank you,
~The ArcheAge Team

[11:50 AM UTC]
The EU maintenance is done.
However, the marketplace remains offline as it is currently being worked on.
We'll let you know once it is coming back.

21:40 UTC - NA maintenance is complete!

Thank you for your patience.