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Guildmaster <Vollosa> | Commanders - <Vignette> <Killercupcakee> <Broke>

Looking for a fun, ďhardcore casualĒ Guild to enjoy all that Archeage has to offer?

Look no further, [Britannia] is recruiting! By hardcore casual I mean, we arenít gonna bust your nuts if you just want to chillaxe every now and then and catch dem gargantuan marlins but we will set targets and strive to achieve them as a guild.

We are looking for active, mature players from all walks of life to join us on our adventure to the top, we are interested in both PvP & PvE as a whole.

We want to create a place where you can make new friends and to make memories, to get the most out of Archeage together.

We will do our best to pass any knowledge we have to the inexperienced and veterans alike so donít be afraid to join because youíre worried you arenít experienced enough, everyone has the potential for greatness, we will help you grow, to achieve that greatness.

Do you hate the reds more than Anakin hates sand people?

Do you love to fish and wanna catch 'em all?

Are you a masochist that loves to torture themselves for hours on end grinding for infusions?

Then we want you!

Join today, simply message either myself (Vignette) or one of the commanders listed above in-game or apply via the guild search tab and we will process your application.

We will just want to know a few things about you I.E make sure youíre not some sort of evil overlord with a penchant for blood/Trade packs/fish unless the aforementioned goods belonged to a red then in which case, SMASH 'EM!.

Real talk now, we have some rules nothing crazy but still important to us;

Must not be offline for more than 3 consecutive days - within reason, we know people have real lives and we understand that sometimes being on all the time isnít possible but as long as you do your best to be on as much as you can, then thatís good enough for me.

Minimum level 40 (this is mainly to pick up the players most likely to stick with the game, each individual will be considered, this is a guideline)

Must contribute to the guild via missions 4 per week is our targeted minimum.

Must not attack or kill members of our own faction unless provoked/or given permission by the Guildmaster or Commanders

Must not be abusive towards other members of the guild or any alliance members.

Must not be a steaming pile of horse S**t (Iím very strict on this one, no steaming piles of manure allowed!)

Must join the guild Discord.

Most importantly must have fun!

Should you have any questions feel free to join the discord and have a yarn with one of us;


See you in Nuia!