Jergant East | PvP/Gold | NA

Northgard is an experienced band of MMO veterans that have come together for AA:U.
We are driven by tactical PvP gameplay with a focus on fighting with a small squad.

What We Do:
- PvP in a tight-knit squad to fight against any size force.
- Constantly research and find new ways of making gold.
- The god awful daily grind.

Currently Recruiting:
- Healers, Physical DPS, and Initiators/Tanks at this time
We also take traders/market analysts if they contribute to the guild.

- Be an active player who is an avid and strong PvPer.
- Ancestral level at least, ideally 4k+ GS.
- 18+ and don't be a snowflake or sperg.
- Discord obviously.

Message Jaxniss in-game if you're interested.

NG Logo Ancient.jpg