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Thread: No Access to Second Account and NO Response from Support

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    No Access to Second Account and NO Response from Support

    I purchased my second account on Steam and I have not been able to access it due to an accidental linkage to my main glyph account. I submitted a ticket over 3 weeks ago and have received 0 responses. I will have now missed out on multiple compensations for labor and just a complete lack of access to my account is totally unacceptable. I have tickets submitted and atm this is beginning to look fraudulent as I paid for a product and I do not have access to it and never have. I want a response to my ticket and for this issue to be corrected. I can't refund my purchase of the second account as that would lead to my main account being banned due to the linking.

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    I bought the game twice under 1 email registered with glyph so I am assuming I should have access to two accounts as well. But like TheDeacon I have not heard anything from support regarding this matter. Otherwise I need that transaction cancelled and refunded.

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    I have the same issue
    I submitted a ticket on October 30th
    ticket number 1328088
    still no access to the 2nd copy of archeage.

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    Lets keep putting posts in here and keep bumping this as more people are having the same issue.

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    Still No answer or response on my access to the copy of the game I bought going on over 1 month

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    Still No response again I guess we need to spam this thing more beings they refuse to help us.

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    Hey there. I have the same problem and I donīt know, what I should do. I can send the bonus on one of my other charakter on my first account, but I do not dare. Only the 500 Diamonds I have now on my first account. I would to cancel it, but Iīm afraid that it will go wrong.

    Ticket is 2 weeks old.

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    Still no response at all in any way

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    Just had the same problem.
    If 2 or more copies of the game can't be held under the same email, then their website shouldn't be taking our money.
    Very shady.

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    1 Month 5 Days and No response still time to post more

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