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    Regarding ArchePass Compensation - Nov 20

    Howdy everyone,

    A one time claimable ArchePass Compensation Crate is available through the in game marketplace (Found in Credits > Consumables) for characters level 40+.

    ArchePass Compensation Crate includes:
    • 45x Diligence Coins
    • 7x Labor Rechargers

    The ArchePass Compensation Crate will continue to be available as a single claim after each weekly maintenance until the ArchePass is brought online. We have a status update regarding the ArchePass and those that have unlocked it for this season.

    As we have gathered community feedback for XL Games to review and implement changes, we are looking to bring a modified version of this season's ArchePass on the PTS in the coming weeks. This ArchePass will be available on PTS first for an unspecified amount of time as we review the community sentiment or unexpected issues that may occur in the test environment.

    We'll continue to gather more feedback after the changes and provide them to our team and XL Games to assess or make updates before we release to the live servers. For all players (including those who have purchased the Premium ArchePass), the ArchePass season length will be extended due to it being temporarily disabled, and the existing progress on it has been saved. We hope to resume the revamped ArchePass once it is ready, thank you for your patience during this process.

    ~The ArcheAge Team

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    Hello everyone,
    Due to the disabling of the ArchePass, the ArchePass Compensation Box has an additional claim available in the Marketplace. This box will display "2 per account", however if you have claimed this compensation from last week only one claim is available this week.

    Thank you,
    ~The ArcheAge Team

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