being honest i think a change should be made for people who are patron
the way to regenerate the work that the game has, I think it's pessimistic every 5 minutes I create 10 points of work

I think it should be changed this way
for each server reboot of each day they will give you 5k work directly
logically giving 5k of daily work would not give you 10 points every 5 minutes
apart from having an npc to be able to turn the work into a little work of 1k that will charge you some gold to convert them
So we never miss the job if you work or what you wear later that day off of yours you could use as you want
With everything you take away, I think it would be just something like that to accommodate clear work, this would be the payment servers

I forgot to add that potions that are crafted in 1k labor potions are not negotiable would be for oneself