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Thread: Former early AA player, seeking east Kaylin guild for econ, zerg play, PVx

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    Former early AA player, seeking east Kaylin guild for econ, zerg play, PVx

    Sadly, I suck at individual PVP due to a stroke a few years ago (I'm 60) that killed my reaction time. But I'm still decent support in a zerg -- willing to be boring and play bard. And you know, die a lot. It's only death.

    But I'm also happy to spend all that time supporting your guild in the economy while you go kill the West in my name. I'm retired and disabled and have more time than I want to game -- can you imagine?

    Seeking mature guild with less tolerance for total ♥♥♥♥♥♥s regardless of their skillz. Be excellent to one another. Kill the reds. We're here to have fun, not make people miserable including ourselves.

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    Guild caps mean real zerg guilds are a thing of the past, both fortunately and unfortunately.

    You may be interested in Blackwater. Our guild is PvP oriented but does a lot of economy work with our dedicated tradesmen. You can help support guild growth as we have a share system for trades that ensures even, fair and proportional distribution with a small (5%) guild tax which goes towards guild galleons and other large expenses.

    https://discord.gg/sZTwByY, we have much more information here on our goals, mission and what we're striving for!

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