This is my first time playing ArcheAge and I did some reading about finding land to build houses and farms. According to a few sources Gamigo felt that there would be plenty of land for everyone, and after about 3 hours of going to every single housing province in about 7 zones there were no spaces available for a meager size home let alone a farm. Is this really what the developers had in mind for people who may not have been aware about ArchAge? This is not friendly to new players.

While I may be new to ArcheAge, I am not new to MMOs. This means guilds/players are hoarding these sites so that they may sell them to the unfortunate people who were not able to secure land or are new to the game. After investing a bit of time and hitting 37 levels, creating the tax certificates, etc., I now realize that my only opportunity to own land in the game will mean I have to pay an outrageous price to get it. It's a big turn off to be honest. I like the game so far, but for the devs to think this was not going to be a problem is insane. I plan to continue playing for awhile, but if it becomes apparent this is the type of thing i can expect, or that i have to amass great wealth to own a piece of land I'll be tossing this in the trash.

Thanks for your time.

Kilgharrah - NA - Kalyn