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Thread: The Stormcrows®️™️- Casual Guild -|18+|EU Belstrom West Side

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    The Stormcrows®️™️- Casual Guild -|18+|EU Belstrom West Side

    The Stormcrows were in Legacy Archeage however we moved on once the P2W became too much. With the release of Unchained some of us have returned and The Crows have reformed.
    We are a casual guild looking for new and experienced members alike to learn and explore this amazing game together. Just because we are not a hardcore guild this does not mean we shy away from all of the activities the game has to offer, whether it is Hiram Dailies or hitting the waves in a fishing raid, we like to be involved in many activities.

    * Active and participating in guild events
    * Willing to learn the game
    * A working Headset & Discord (mandatory)
    * You should be at least 18 years old
    * A team player mentality
    * Know your class and try to master it

    * A place to learn the game
    * A friendly, social and mature community with experienced and new players
    * Discord server
    * Coordinated teamplay

    * A relaxed environment with helpful and friendly members
    * To become one of the long-term guild of the Server
    * PvP - Small scale and large
    * PvE - World Bosses, Hiram Dailies, Aeigis grind and helping members level
    * Trading - Trade pack runs, farming, fishing

    If you would like to know more then please feel free to head over to our discord server - https://discord.me/thestormcrows

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