**<F for Respect>**

**Server**: Denistrious
**Faction**: East | Haranya
**TimeZone**: EST (Mostly)

**Who we are:**
```A casual but dedicated, active, loyal, tight-knit group of former hardcore players!
We are not trying to be the best guild but we expect that you, YES YOU, are going to be the best in your specialty/field.
We help each other to grow! We don't care if you want to do only fishing the whole day, or grind mobs, cook, or PVP! Our goal is to have fun!```
**Requirement and Preference:**
```PvX / Crafting / Commerce / Fishing
Respect is a must, hence the name!
Semi-casual - medium-core.
Discord is highly encouraged.
Zero Drama policy
18+ Preferred
Level 50+ Character```
**Current Project:**
```Guild Fishing
Creating a Galleon
Guild Level Increase```
**Future Project:**
```Guild Lottery
More Fishing Boat/Galleons
Gear Upgrade```
How to Join:
PM on Discord: @LordDagz#5921, @Playdoh#1027 or @1OM1#8622
or in-game whisper/mail: Lorddagz, Playdoh, Azna, Mcnea, Yud, or Jun