On PTS, the ArchePass has been enabled in its new iteration. Players are able to complete 12 missions weekly, and these missions have been revamped as well.

To access ArcheAge: Unchained PTS, players have to go to the legacy ArcheAge game in the Glyph client and change the dropdown in top right to Public Test. Launch the game and connect to PTS2.

New missions include:
  • Kill X number of mobs regardless of Zone
  • Kill X number of hostile players
  • Kill X number of World Bosses
  • Use X Labor
  • Earn X Vocation Badges
  • Earn X Experience
  • Temper Equipment X Times
  • Synthesize Equipment X Times - This mission tracks the overall times an item is synthesized, not how many items are used as synthesis experience.

These are just an example of the new types of missions. Please try this newest iteration of the ArchePass on PTS and provide us with feedback on our social channels and this forum post.