Hello, there are so many griefers in this game and it used to be no problem since you could pk them and get 10 infamy for it and move on. Now there is such a troll fest, people jumping on your boat on abyssal and griefing u with harpoon so you cannot move, people stealing your fishingboat and if you open pk them you go to trial which will most likely will give you MAX since griefers in jury think its fun to max everyone under the cloak of anonymity.

Oh yea anonymous jury thats also great idea, when there are concurrent trials you cannot tell which jury is from your trial, hell even if there is one trial you cannot differentiate which jury is speaking, great idea give more anonymity ingame, it only encourages more griefing...

If you want anonymity in trials it should go both ways, anonymous defendant and jury as well.

But I think anonymity is bad because it only encourages griefing, have seen multiple juries writing
racism slurs etc.

Also its a game so you shouldnt be able to punish player from not playing it for days like it is right now, max jailtime should be 6h if someone really killed a raid and you should be able to sit your sentence while logged off, so you don't actually waste electricity and server slots for moving around in jail.

Seen this one guy on my server who went back home from army on trial, turns out his wife was picking cotton from nearby area, cuz she didnt know the game mechanics and that would give infamy i guess, fella went to jail for over 6k minutes, hope their marriage won't fall apart over it