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Thread: Question of archepass

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    Question of archepass

    Tonight pts2 started working without fluffy. I wanted to check how archepass works again and I don't know how to deal with it again. I bought an upgrade for 10g to the premium version at the market. but nowhere can I find the option to activate it.
    I did the mission to get tier2, prizes for premium tier 1 cannot be collected. When I click the premium button, the market window opens. I don't know if archepass is still not working properly or I'm doing something wrong. Maby i should buy that ticket for 1600 credits? idk, and what doing that ticket for 10g ?

    Pls admin close or delete post and thread. I have answer for my question from other sources.
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    The 10g Ticket Upgrades the Basic Pass
    The Crédit Tickets upgrade the 3 Special Passes
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