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Thread: Alt & Shift are bugged

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    Alt & Shift are bugged

    Shift and ctrl are locking up my character when I use them as modifiers and shift is also hard set to the map, this can not be intended. When I tried to use shift or ctrl as modifiers, while shift or ctrl is being held down my character will NOT strafe, it stands still. You can see how this will be an issue for PvP and PvE ?

    This bug has been reported on launch and nothing has yet been done. In the meantime until this is fixed, I will be uninstalling it and thumbs down on steam. Other then this one major issue I have with the game, it's over all pretty good, horrible PvP battle ground design, but world PvP is fun.

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    It's a 2013 bug that will never be fixed, spaghetti coding

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