Hello XL, Hallo QA,

today I will have a proper write-down of a Topic that has been bothering me on the Legacy version of the game.
There have been multiple Nations that have been disbanded in both regions. All those Player nations had multiple High-level Guilds, guaranteed at least one
(Having a Top 20 Guild was the requirement to be able to Siege which means level 7 with very high geared players or Level 8 was needed by default).
The Members of those Guilds were coming from both Factions for the goal of playing together or due to establishing a ruling force on the
Server /establishing an opposition to an already existing strong side.

With the disbanding of our Player made nations we have gotten tossed back into the original Factions be it haranya or nuia. Very few of us were able to claim a pirate spot due to its limited amount of spots. In most cases, the Guilds decided to pick one side instead of Pirate.
In the Korean version of the Game, this circumstance has been prevented by granting pirate invitation Scrolls, which were given to the Sovereign. Additionally, Guild upgrade tokens have been provided to Guild Masters to allow them to at least keep the progress from the past, where the Guild has been completing Guild Missions or/and dominions for Guild Experience.

The way the NA/EU Nation disband has been handled we have split up groups of players that were together for years. Couples that are together but met during their Nation / Pirate experience. Or even Teams that had goals which are not finished yet. The only solution that was left was either to reroll the character to the opposal Faction or leave that group and try to play together as hostile targets. Due to the huge influx of Hiram and not tradable Character bound items it was not possible to just change the sides without personal disadvantages. The newly created characters are missing Gliders, Mounts, Accessories, Costumes, etc. Additionally, the returners from the Player made nation were forced to relevel the Guild unless Upgrade Token has been saved up from previous merges or bought from others.

With the upcoming possibility of the "Exile System" we will have the opportunity to reunite with our friends / loved ones and camerades on the weaker side. But it is unknown to us when that will happen, so that system or a similar should have been in place before our nations have been disbanded if it was already known that we would not receive the Pirate invitation Ticket.

Current still ongoing issues on Legacy Servers :
• Small Wyvern Armor can not be unequipped due to "Requirement Nation member" not being active anymore -> Players have sacrificed their armor to convert the old ones into the new one
• Level 7 and 8 Guilds have been just disbanded without a trace of any existence
• Players that were Haranya with mostly Nuia Guildmates are forced to play either on Nuia Alt characters or are not able to play with anyone anymore.
• Pirate Spots are being held hostile by Alt owners and either blocked or sold to others.

I am looking forward to see Feedback from all of you. Please do post what you think and what could be better!