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Thread: I GOT BANNED...Please help

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    I GOT BANNED...Please help



    When archeage unchained came out I bought the archeum pack. 3 days later you charged me with 9.9 GBP sub fee. it was an error http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...rition-Charges. I made ticket and forgot about it. 4 days ago another charge. I looked into my statements no refund for the first charge and no answer from customer support for the first ticket. I made a second ticket explaining again what happened and went to paypall to stop you from making any further unauthorized charges. next day i'm banned.


    I don't play normal AA. I didn't charge back the archeum pack or the 2x9.9 monthly subs. There was no charge back

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    Where is the customer support of this company? A lot of posts no official answers no nothing? What the hell is going on ? There are people with 30-40 days old tickets!!!!!

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