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Thread: Worth coming back to Archeage?

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    Worth coming back to Archeage?

    Not trolling, just want to get peoples two cents on this. Was a founder for AA and it seems like its starting all over again. I wouldn't go to Unchained as it seems like starting over after putting money into AA but is it worth going back to AA?

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    Nein, es lohnt sich nicht ! Sollte man hier ein Problem haben und versuchen mit dem Support in Kontakt zu treten, wartet man bis zur Rente und bekommt dennoch keine Antwort ! Einzig und allein will man hier Dein Geld haben, sonst nichts, hier gilt das Motto :"Gib uns Dein Geld und halte die Fresse"!

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    Im unsure how to answer. Unchained had a really good start but has taken a turn for the worse. Im hoping they pull it back and players return, if not i dont see it lasting long tbh. They need to listen to the playerbase more.

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    I played Legacy for over five years and then went to Unchained. I like seeing folks all over the maps moving packs on donkeys and vehicles (but yes, still many donkeys, which I really like to see). There are ample farms all shapes and sizes and I'm not getting the same impression that I got on Legacy > which is to try to own one of everything.

    People on Unchained servers really seem to invest their time and effort into well-focused goals. On my server, they did take the time to help me understand gear and content (because I was a farmer before). I had no idea how much of this amazing game I was missing out on. And they don't sweep in too fast that I can't keep up... they do ensure I'm able to understand what we are doing and etc...etc. But they also don't push me out of the way because they are bigger and stronger... so here I am a little thing - out there killing, as they kill. But I see them keeping a steady eye on me, so I don't get in over my head.

    Here's the thing... it's all about the players in the end. I have had so many take time to explain things to me - that I never took time to learn on Legacy - such as the crafting tables.


    The one thing I have noticed is that many of the players (all sides) - did not kill me or any of my little alts as they leveled and did quests in PvP zones. There seems to be some understanding of why I am there and that I'm just trying to do my quests so I can move out.

    Not saying you won't get killed, but I'm saying that so many have had opportunities to kill me (Reds and Pirates) - but have not. They let my small character quest. However, once I hit about 50 - all bets are off. Got killed on an alt today - and it was all good. They did not return to see if I went back in an attempt to kill me again.


    In the end, the game mechanics is what gets us here - and involved in playing but it really is the players that make the game so enjoyable and worthwhile.
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    Do you like playing with multiple accounts and doing endless dailies? -> yes
    You don't like to do the stuff mentioned above? -> no

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    Addition to rewtew:

    You want to buy a DLC to get End-Game-Content for a Buy2Play game? = Yes
    You think you can play it to its fullest without paying more? = No
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