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Thread: Worth coming back to Archeage?

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    Worth coming back to Archeage?

    Not trolling, just want to get peoples two cents on this. Was a founder for AA and it seems like its starting all over again. I wouldn't go to Unchained as it seems like starting over after putting money into AA but is it worth going back to AA?

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    Nein, es lohnt sich nicht ! Sollte man hier ein Problem haben und versuchen mit dem Support in Kontakt zu treten, wartet man bis zur Rente und bekommt dennoch keine Antwort ! Einzig und allein will man hier Dein Geld haben, sonst nichts, hier gilt das Motto :"Gib uns Dein Geld und halte die Fresse"!

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    Im unsure how to answer. Unchained had a really good start but has taken a turn for the worse. Im hoping they pull it back and players return, if not i dont see it lasting long tbh. They need to listen to the playerbase more.

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