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Thread: Appearing/disappearing quest givers?

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    Question Appearing/disappearing quest givers?

    I changed the settings under Options / Game Info / Quest Details Map Display from 100m to 200m. When the setting is 200m, I start seeing (on the map) quest givers that do not appear when I look for them. For example, in the main square of Marianople, the map shows quest givers like Winter Maiden's Messenger, Candy Artisan Vaughan, and Pony.

    Are those seasonal quest givers who are erroneously showing up on the map when I change the settings? Or are they hanging out in some secret tunnels 100m+ beneath the the town square?

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    They are seasonal. Like they appear only for certain event or they arent implemented yet or they got removed but their quest marker is still on the map.
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    still an issue

    I also have this problem, 3 of my friends too. I just cant imagine it is still not fixed until now. Devs got screenshots from that.
    There is also a thread in "General Discussions" regarding this; http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...5626-Quest-bug

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