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Thread: Archepass quests --- Lack of imagination or done anyhow ?

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    Archepass quests --- Lack of imagination or done anyhow ?

    I known was many problems with introducing archepass.
    We have 3 types of archepass that differ in rewards: vocation, equipment and combat. This is very cool, because everyone, depending on what they need, will choose the right one. But why in God's name all 3 types have the same types of quests to do? if I have an auxiliary character who is not trained to fight, only to chop wood and collect apples, I can't do battle quests with it and collect honor points. I will not use armor infusion on this character or insert lunagems.
    Is it really not possible to differentiate the types of quests for each type of archepass, so that the type of quests is adequate to the chosen type of archepass? And the number of these quests to choose from ... seriously? (I hope this is a playable alpha version of archepass and that the number of quests will increase in the future). One last thing: the draw for a new quest after a change ... I drew the same quest 6 times ...
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    I have to agree that I do not like that I get PvP and gear upgrade quests in my vocation archepass. I tried to change some but got the same ones right back, just like op. And then I got a stretch of Blue Salt ones, all demanding 2 quests to turn in mats. Ofcourse there was only 1 daily Blue Salt quest today that needed 20 materials, all the others were 60 and 100 items. Which is in my opinion way too much for a daily. I have no clue what to do with the tempering one. I don’t like to be forced to upgrade my gear since I need my labor and gold for other stuff atm and there is no way that I can catch up to all the exploiters with their 10K gear score, so am not even going to bother with the RNG gods there.

    But most of all: I do not like to be forced to play the Archepass quests every day because it is the only way to get coins and labor pots you actually need to play this game. What happened to ‘you can play Archeage any way you like?’. It is worse then a themepark MMO if you ask me.
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