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Thread: @Gamigo MarketPlace Boxes - SKYWHISPER GLIDER

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    @Gamigo MarketPlace Boxes - SKYWHISPER GLIDER

    Can you guys please add to the Marketplace some boxes with the Skywhisper glider?

    This is the only glider of the SkyEmperor achievement that can not be make with Manastorm Crystal. Also one of the recipes that should let us craft this glider is broke, because require the Special Propeller item, which doesnt exist in game at moment.

    Please add the Skywhisper Glider at a MarketPlace box. Many people need this glider to get their achievement done.

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    Also @Gamigo can you put in a good word to XL and make the kraken glider achieve be one of 3... allowing people with the titanwing glider or legendary dragon wings glider to complete the achievement also. K thx

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    please add the skywhisper glider to the marketplace or to the manastorm crystal workbench

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    please add the skywhisper glider to a marketplace box ><

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    please add the skywhisper glider to a marketplace box or manastorm ticket

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