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Thread: Official Statement on Gold Transfers across Regions ?

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    Cool Official Statement on Gold Transfers across Regions ?

    Hello, is it possible to have an official statement by XL Games and Gamigo on transfering gold across regions ? Is it officially allowed ?

    On my server I see times to times players willing to transfer gold between EU and NA. I have myself at least 80.000 gold on my american characters. With that gold I could craft the last gems for my gear and upgrade the tempering.

    I believe there are some tools that detect suspicious transactions between players and I don't know want to get ban from the game for that. If you check my main character you will notice that I report gold seller bots in Mirage.

    I play since 2015 and crafting my gems would help to reach the top players of my server instead of getting one-shooted by nolifes with alt armies (cloth armor sucks).

    Thank you !

    @Carendash @Cosmo @Mobi @iArches

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    Better question is when are they going to take out the like 20+ bot army that farms the ocean between whalesong and aegis. Hilarious watching them respawn in Golden ruins and stealth out to sea

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