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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakukavka View Post
    Pls do this. We rly need it. Atm some ppl try to sell 1.5k Gilda for 18k gold. This is madness!
    Beside, 300 gilda for thatched design is madness too. I think everyone forgot why XLgames do this changes. Over time, a huge number of gilda appeared on the servers. The value of gilda decreased. On this raised the price of the designs and removed packs for gilda. But this does not work on new servers. Now we have almost no options for obtaining gilda. Story and daily quests. Gilda is just not enough. It is necessary either to return the cost of the thatched (most popular design) to 50 gilda. Either return packs for Gilda, or merge Dili and Gilda into the same currency.
    300 gilda is less than a week farming. That's nothing compared to what upgraded thatched provides imho. Merging diligence and gilda is an awful idea.

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    I hope to se everything! AAU is b2p and i dont want to see gliders or mounts or wordrobe only in credits shop... they should be added but harder to farm/get
    all gliders and costumes should be craftable/dropable and mounts should be dropped and crafted too or bought in dili....

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    Item:Any mounts that need to be exchanged with manastorms
    Multiple mounts are one of the features of this game,It's too difficult to get a new mount with the current setup

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    Rampage car for 1500 coins

    1500 coins it's max 3000 gold. You want to kill craft? You idots? You want create communism in game? It's wrong system, will follow to fall.

    for craft rapmage car need more than 3000 gold. Around 8000 gold or more, bcs need a lot of materials. For example need 2000 Gild Star, but with 1500 coins will no sense to buy design rampage car for Gild Star. No sense to buy onyx, mats from scarecrows etc, no sense to buy anything.

    If you want add Rampage car for Diligence coins, change price to 3000-4000 coins.

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    New Gear for New Mount plz
    Plz don't just selling the Mount without gear
    Else the new Mount still slow af

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    Armor for the new mounts

    Fix the new mounts, i feel kinda scammed cuz wasted 400 dilligence on the manticore just to realize it has no armor ingame and is slow af

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    Remove the Bound Duun's Blessing, or fix it to.work with Bound Superior Regrade Charms.
    Wasted 150 dili today and now in the 45-90 day queue to get a refund. Server will.be merged before then.
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    I'd really like to actually be able to complete achievements like skywarden or sky emperor, or simply have more variety of manastorm fountain mounts (along with their armors), gliders, etc. in the game. Unchained feels kinda inferior compared to retail archeage with stuff like this cut from the game.

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    Can you explain me plz why you dont put 1 seredipity stone for 100 digilence and instead i had do do 40 clicks just to buy 10 shards which need to claim each after?
    also why you didnt put a mass reclaim button?

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    Can you please make half off the stuff tradeble? Its really annoying. Especially Building management...

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