CERTED PROPERTY all are priced to sell and ready to move in! SOLD thank you[B][COLOR="black"]SOLD[/B]
Dewstone - Treehouse - Near the coast and dewstone mine
Solzreed- Treehouse - Near the road just outside of Lacton (W7*6" - S13*59") - Certed
Solzreed- 2story Farmhouse- Next to North Solzreed vendors (W6*25" - S13*22") - Certed
Gweoid - Treehouse - On the road just out of Lilith Hills (W9*34" - S13*22") - Certed

Two Crowns - 24x24 lot with connected 8x8 - just off the beach near lake (W7*50' - S16*25")
either 28x28 or 24x24 will fit... 1,000g for demo

If you need help finding an open 16x16 contact me in game and I'll help you (no charge)

thank you,