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Thread: Kicking from Instances - Shouldnt be a thing

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    Kicking from Instances - Shouldnt be a thing

    People abuser this far too much to kick people they dont want in the raids or they use childish reasoning to kick ppl, like if they were given lead of the raid and they didnt want it.

    i just got kicked from my Red Dragon raid in the Flying Phase because i was standing still on the wagon shooting it nonstop; but i got the away tag for some reason. and within 1 second someone voted to kick me and i got kicked.

    this is pretty stupid IMO and it should not be able to happen. or at the least the person getting voted should be able to deflect it somehow you know? why would i even get the away tag if i was shooting it nonstop?

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    The kick feature needs to be removed. People spam it the whole time in Halcy. There is no consequence to doing it. People get off on randomly booting others. And if you're kicked it uses your entry for the day. Can spend 15 mins in Hiram actively working on winning then get booted for zero reason and denied entry while losing your chance to re-do it. Worst feature in the game.

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    +1 to this. they need to remove this so i can park my alts at rd or what ever event going on and not get kicked. trion plz fix this

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    I couldn't disagree more.
    You guys haven't seen the days where basically everyone was AFK. Have you ever tried Hiram City with like 5 people even though there's 20 shown in the raid window?
    Halcy full with 200+ people and the fights are basically 10vs25.
    I didn't do RD at the time but yeah, I don't think that doing RD with 10 people is fun.

    I repeat, I absolutely disagree. Sure, the system isn't perfect but it would be a HUGE step backwards to remove it.

    And if you complain about people spamming kicks for whatever reason, just press ESC and ignore it. It's no biggie to just close the window. I can, however, assure you that you don't want to go back to AFK instances, those were the worst.

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    Should they be able to kick you when you top the leaderboard? No.
    Should you be able to kick for profanities? No, that should be dealt with by a GM.
    Should you be able to kick AFK players? Hell yes!

    Should you get the away tag when shooting the dragon? I think now.
    The away tag will not appear if you push any button with a function or look around with the mouse every once in a few minutes.

    If you ever played this game in the time auf Altage and AFK-Arenas you'll know that every AFK must be kicked. Those times shall and have to be over.
    If someone thinks that he can get by without doing anything it hurts everyone.

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