About The Guild
Ember Legion is an active West guild located in the Runert Archeage Server. We are primarily focused on PVP, Dungeons, and hosting various raids for faction. We strive to help out our guild-mates by hosting various raids to increase their potential gear score and improve their efficiency in PvP and PvE content.

Leaders / Who To Contact

  • Guild Leader IGN: Delran
    Gear Score: 8544
    Class: Blade Dancer
  • Officer IGN: Crucified
    Gear Score: 9440
    Class: Blade Dancer
  • Officer IGN: Sums
    Gear Score: 6400
    Class: Abolisher
  • Member IGN: Abszie
    Gear Score: 9157
    Class: Blade Dancer
  • Recruiter IGN: Levy
    Gear Score: 5500
    Class: Spell Singer

Requirements To Join:
4000+ Gear Score
Must Be Active

[NOTE: WE ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HEALERS! If you are a healer Crucified himself & Abszie will take you to dungeons all day long and will forever see you as their savior.]

Current Members: 35/40

Guild Benefits:
  • Level 3 Guild
  • Various DPS Players in Top 20 Runert Gear Score Rankings who can aid others in content and PvP
  • Library, Serpentis, and other various dungeons
  • Occasional Hiram Raids hosted by Crucified or another member
  • Our guild currently has a Apothecary house located at White Arden.
  • Various regal work stations available at Aubre Cradle.
  • Players on at early mornings and evenings PDT Time as well as daily reset periods
  • Discord included

How To Apply

You can contact any of the members mentioned above or leave us a mail in-game or post below with your gearscore, class, and IGN