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Thread: Ranged Costume Bugged

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    Ranged Costume Bugged


    i upgraded my Ranged Costume and had to realise that it is freaking joke.

    It´s called "Ranged" costume, so the thought would be that i has no Meele Dmg Skills, Healing Skill stuff or magic? But no you thought wrong. IT HAS EVERY! Possible bonus that the costums can have!

    I asked someone with a meele costume to check if his meele had same problem, but NO! it only has the standard stuff like max health + MEELE ONLY BONI.

    I hope thats getting adressed + people with ranged costume getting some free rerolls, i had 5x freaking healing power on mine.

    The chance is very high that won´t be done anyhting anyway just like with all the ♥♥♥♥

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    It seems you are new to the costume system. There are some detailed guides here in the forum.

    Each costume has almost every bonus. They start with a limited (class-related) pool which opens up when you level it up.
    If you want to compare your costume to one of another player, please ask someone whose costume is at the same grade.

    PS: There are also effects you can only get on your costume - the most important one, [damage type] critical rate, only exists on [damage type] costume.
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