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Thread: Extreme Lag with the new game features for some

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    Extreme Lag with the new game features for some

    Hi guys, I and a few others have this issue where the lagspikes are insanely high and wild especially when there are the daily raids of ppl doing the Heedmar/Nuimari stuff.. Is anyone else facing this issue? i havent seen any reports or forum posts about this so i wanted to start one to make sure the devs are also looking into this.. Please do post your own experience here to make sure the devs will take a look into this..

    Again im only mentioning this for the people who has this issue as i am aware that not everyone is facing it.. Some have no delays, some only 1 or 2 seconds and some quite extreme as in my case where i have anywhere from 3 to 15 seconds delay..

    It's also not an issue with my internet as i have a 800mbps cable connection and no its not a potato pc as i have been playing AAu since it released at very high settings without any issues until the latest patch where these unstable events/instances are released..

    Please do something about this! i tried sending a support ticket but i already have a 1 month old support ticket that has yet to be answered so i chose not to go that route..

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    Trust me - it's not on your end.
    And people keep complaining about it but it happens more ingame than here.

    The time after reset is among the most annoying times.
    Last night after reset:
    It took 3 seconds from clicking the mount button until you could hear the whistle sound and then another 4 seconds for the mount to actually spawn.
    A friend fought a mob and when it was dead for 2 seconds I went there to loot it and got hit by an AOE attack of the same mob.
    Songcraft's Double-time skill lasted for 2 or more minutes.

    Just as a few examples of how it affects the everyday life.
    It's even worse than lib boss raids and those were made unavailable - I wonder what's going to be removed next...
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