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Thread: Returning Player - Elf Disaster

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    I guess no one else is having this issue or gives a crap.. ah well.. ugly is as ugly does.. .lol

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    If its a new issue, try reporting it as a bug..?

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    I hate how this becomes a money grab. It would be easy to add a quest that gives a 1 time character bound appearance change coupon to fix this for returning players. Returning players, like me, are going to hate what their character looks like and have added reluctance to use them if they ever return. There was an event to fix it, but that was just a fix for the players playing at the time. No one wants to return to a game that returns them a broken Avatar and says sorry, now you have to pay for it.

    I miss Archeage, but with a paywall in the way, even a small one, I know its gone. You can't do this to people and expect them to then want to get involved. On the financial side, old strong characters typically belong to whales. So its not smart to keep that door closed. A whale won't spend if they aren't having fun. Give them something ugly, and they won't even try to. Whales don't even need to stick around. They just spend money because its easier then working at the game, so you literally just need them to spend time in the game.

    *thumps head on desk*

    Now to take myself off the mailing list so that I stop getting reminded of this.

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